Мы приносим извенения за столь долгий период молчания. За прошедший год случилось очень много событий и они отражались на существование группы не самым лучшим образом. Но группа все еще существует и мы как никогда намеряны порадовать всех любителей мелодичного death metal.
   В настоящее время закончена запись нашего альбома - мы занимаемся сведением песен. В альбом войдут 6 наших песен и один бонус трэк - кавер "Lack Of Comprehension".
   Сейчас сложно сказать что-либо определенное о наших концертных планах. Пока, скорее всего, группа будет существовать как студийный проект.
   Мы хотим поблагодарить всех, кто поддерживал нас в это нелегкое время своими письмами и отзывами. Мы постараемся оправдать вашу веру в Wishmaster.

   We apologise for keeping silence for more than a year. A lot of things had happened and that was a very hard period,  but we still exist and intend to gladden all the fans of melodic death metal.
  At the moment we've finished all the records for our new album and we're mixing the songs. The album will contain 6 of our songs and a bonus cover "Lack Of Comprehension".
  We can't say now anything definite about our concert plans. The band exists more like a studio project at the moment.
  Thanks to all of you who hadn't forgotten us and have supported all this time with your warm mails and reviews. We'll do out best to justify your belief in us.


We'll play in R-Club on 24.10.02. Other bands will be: Factura, Atra mustum, By Autumn Embraced, Blut Formicarium . The ticket's price is 80r.

We'll play in R-Club on 20.10.02. Other bands will be: Everlost, Artemesia, Рогатые Трупоеды, By Autumn Emraced. The ticket's price is 100r.

Our new guitarist is Sergey Knyazev (ex-Archontes, ex-Black Arrow). Soon check out the members page for the details.

Fanally the song for the Death's tribute is available for download.

Check out some new photos in the "Visions" section! They were taken during the last gig in R-Club.

We had a long gap in the recording session, because the equipment, that we need, was not available in the stores. We'll countinue to work on the record as soon, as we get it. Never the less during the last month we managed to record the song for the Death tribute - special thanks to Alexey Markov for his gear!!!
The song will be available for download in few weeks.

Due to some copyright problems our promotion label has changed it's name. Now, it is "Middle Finger Promotions". Check out the links!

Happy Birthday, Andrey!!!!

We will take part in tribute to Chuck Schuldiner, which will be published by Hangar 18 Records. The song we want to record is "Lack Of Comprehention".  Click here to get to the tribute's page.

We are in search for a new guitar player. Contact us, if you can help us in this!

Today we have the sad news to report. Our guitarist Andrey Polevoy decides to leave the band. The reason is that Andrey has lost the erstwhile interest in playing music. We wish him good luck and hope that this event will not affect the band too much.
The work on the album will continue as it was planned, and we'll try to find the replacement as soon as possible.

Finally, we've started recording of the album. Never the less the work is supposed to flow in a slow manner, because of the lack of free time. We hope to finish the album in the beginning of summer 2002.

Our music was highly appreciated by "Decapitation records" label, which specializes on general promotion of death and black metal bands. Now Wishmaster is one of the label's bands. Thanks to Chris Turton! Click here to get to the label's page.

We'll have a concert in R-Club on the 3rd of February. The other bands will be Necrost, Artemesia, Blut Formicalium, Rest in pain. Come bang your head!

We'll have a concert in R-Club on 25th November. Other participating bands are Seducers Embrace, Crystal Abyss, Fleshbomb and Blut Formicarium. 

The page is being tested online. Many of the sections are not completed, so check them out from time to time. 

We had a concert in R-Club. The other participating bands were Glintvein, Almost People, Harhan and Blut Formicarium. 

We had a concert in Sputnik club. The other participating bands were Radigost, Vortex, Samhain, Artemesia. 

We had our first live concert. It was in U-Tu club. The other participating bands were Samhain and Artemesia. 

Finally we finished the line-up of the band. A drummer Andrey Malinovsky (ex-Last Serenade, ex-Saints' Everlasting Rest, Doppelganger) and a bassist Dmitry Tishin (ex-Saints' Everlasting Rest, Doppelganger) became the constant members of WISHMASTER.

We released our first demo called "Gift".  The record got quite positive estimation of many Moscow's metal fans.