Name: Dmitry Tishin
Birthday: 28th April 1978
Occupation: Jazz Musician
Favorite food: Ravioli
Favorite drink: Vodka, Beer, Milk
Favorite colour: Green
Favorite books: M. Frish "Call Me Gantenbain"
Instrument: Bass guitar, piano, percussion, accoustic guitar
Equipment: Washburn XB100 bass guitar,
Washburn XB200 bass guitar.
Favorite bands: The Cure, Cocteu Twins, Sisters Of Mercy, Entombed, Dismember, Anathema, BoltThrower, Napalm Death, Improvisator.
Favorite albums: The Cure "Faith";
Entombed "Left Hand Path";
Napalm Death "Harmony Corruption";
Anathema "Pentecost 3";
Jethro Tull "Benefit";
This Empty Flow "Magenta Skycode";
Dark Tranquillity "The Gallery".
Favorite songs: The Cure "Pictures Of You", "Faith";
Entombed "Left Hand Path";
Type'O Negative "Haunted"
Other Hobbies: Food, Books
Side projects: Doppelganger (bass)