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WISHMASTER was  formed by two guitarists - Max Fedoseev and Andrey Polevoy in the beginning of 1999. Vocalist Eugeny Antonov joined the band in October of the same year. In the beginning the style of the band was power-speed metal, but gradually it transformed in melodic-death metal, influenced by different genres of melodic-metal.
In the end of 1999 the band started to compose their own songs, intending to record a demo. The rehearsals became quite regular and much more "musical" than "beerfull".
    On 8th July 2000 WISHMASTER entered Max's homestudio, now called "Knots Of Silence", to record the first demo. The demo consisted of 3 fresh songs:
       1) Hive Of Lost Souls
       2) Betrayer
       3) Moonlight Dance
    Also it included a bounustrack song "Wishmaster", which was taken from one of the early live shows performed at home for friends. 
     The bass and drums parts were programmed on computer.
    The demo was released on 9th September 2000 and was given a name "Gift". (Besides the english meaning this word is translated from Swedish as "poison").Over 150 copies of the record were spreaded among Moscow's metal fans. The demo was positively estimated by many of the listeners and was marked 8 out of  10 at MUSICA fanzine
    Then it was the time to start concert activities so the band started to search for the live drummer and bassist. After playing with several pretenders the band chose Dmitry Tishin as bassguitar player (ex-Sains Everlasting Rest, Doppelganger) and Andrey Malinovsky as a drummer (ex-Saints Everlasting Rest, ex-Last Serenade, Doppelganger). It was November of 2000.
    After having several months of live rehearsals the band played their first concert in U-Tu club. The performance was good and the crowd liked the band. In May 2001 Dmitry leaves the band. The reason for this was having not enough time to work with his project Doppelganger. The vacancy of the bass player was taken buy Alexander Kolayda (ex-Last Serenade, ex-Nordream) in June, but not for long. In September Dmitry decides to return to WISHMASTER and the band welcomes him back.
   At the moment the band has almost finished the material for a new record and plans to start the recording session somewhere in December 2001. Also the band participates the concerts in Moscow's clubs.